How Can We Think about an Ontario Lens on Learning Stories?

The work of New Zealand educational thinker Margaret Carr has long inspired me. Her ideas on assessment as valuing have made an enduring impression on my thinking about what I do in my practice in regards to assessment.

As I have been reflecting on our new Ontario Kindergarten curriculum, I have been thinking about how it impacts my collection of assessment. How can I create a means of collecting assessment that honours the child, that values them?  How do I capture the full spectrum and richness of learning that occurs in so many instances throughout our days?

I am intrigued by learning stories, as discussed by Margaret Carr in her book  Learning Stories: Constructing Learner Identities in Early Education, as perhaps providing a holistic means of collecting this assessment within the scope of our new curriculum.  Continue reading “How Can We Think about an Ontario Lens on Learning Stories?”

How Can Documentation Support a Sense of Belonging?

What does it mean to belong? This was my educator wonder at the beginning of this year. How can children learn from and with each other to establish positive classroom culture?  How do their actions and interactions create the learning community and develop a sense of belonging amongst those within? How could documentation serve as a pedagogical tool to support this?

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