Who’s Writing and Why?

My name is Sandra Rosekat and I am a teacher with the Toronto District School Board in Ontario, Canada partnering alongside a very lovely and gifted early childhood educator in a Full Day Kindergarten classroom. I have taught children and engaged with families in many schools, in many grades and in many communities. Each experience has enriched me as an educator.

I have been inspired by the educators of Reggio, by the wonderful and inspirational thinkers we have in the field of early years education in Canada, and by the incredibly dedicated, caring and creative teachers, early childhood educators and administrators that I have had the pleasure of meeting as teaching colleagues and partners, while working in an Early Years leadership role and as an Additional Qualifications instructor for the Kindergarten course.

I truly believe that in order to support the children we work with, we must continue to grow as educators – to nourish our minds – and that that best occurs in collaboration with others. Our ideas grow and transform as we share and dialogue in professional communities.

This blog is centred around questions. Questions promote research and we must all be teacher researchers. In discussing pedagogical documentation, Filippini stated: “Documentation is not about the reorganization of material with the aim of assembling a descriptive linear story. Rather documentation is a narrative pathway with arguments that seek to make sense of the events and process.” (Turner and Wilson, 2010, p. 8 quoted in Tarr, 2010, p.10) Likewise, I intend that this blog serves not as a narrative of classroom practice, but rather as documentation of early years practice that engages others in wondering, questioning, discussing and debating ideas of practice and discourse.

I hope that this blog will serve to spark reflection and dialogue about the creation of learning spaces and cultures of learning that are mindful of the great capacity of young children, as well as inspire wonderings with gems of delightful learning.

Tarr, Pat. Curiosity, (Autumn 2010). Curriculum and Collaboration Entwined: Reflections on Pedagogical Documentation. Journal of Canadian Association for Young Children. Vol. 35. No.2.


4 thoughts on “Who’s Writing and Why?

  1. “Will adding Baskets to my Classroom Make me Reggio Inspired?” This blog article has actually inspired me and touched my heart. I manage Child Care Programs from 0-12 years and we have been working toward becoming more Reggio Inspired. For the longest time I did think the baskets were a big thing. Your article is the first article that actually articulated and put into perspective the actual “functioning” or “practice” of Reggio. It made it make sense for me. I use it all the time for reflections.
    Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you Valerie. I’m glad you found the article helpful and that it helped you along on your journey in seeing how the ideas from Reggio could be made applicable and accessible in your centre.

  2. Thank you Sandra for bravely putting yourself out there for all to view. You have always been such an inspiration to me in my own teaching journey. Writing your posts as forms of questions encourages me to think deeper into my own practice and wonderings. I look forward to reading more. Thank you, Sharon.

    1. Thank you Sharon! I appreciate your kind words. You have also been an inspiration to me and to the many teachers I brought to see your fabulous teaching and with whom you shared at my course.

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